How to Convince Your Boss That It's Time For a Site Redesign

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How to Convince Your Boss That It's Time For a Site Redesign

Are you ready for a new business website? If you are in sales/marketing or project management, then you probably do. A site redesign can increase conversion and traffic, boost company image and morale, streamline processes, and get you ahead of the competition. But it's often hard to convince the decision makers that a new design is needed. A new site means time and money spent, but you know the payoff will be worth it in the long run. So, how do you convince your boss that it's time? Here are some ideas to help you support your argument.

Show competitors' sites and compare

Does your site seem to pale in comparison to most of your competitors? Are their articles, blog posts, and social media rich with comments and fresh content? Gently point out the differences here without being overly negative, but rather, present with excitement and offer new ideas.

Gather analytics 

Look into your site analytics. How much traffic has your site been receiving in the last year or so? How has it changed as time has gone on? If a visitor quickly leaves the site after visiting the home page, it could mean that they were confused by the structure or that they simply didn't think the site looked trustworthy. It's hard to ignore data, and statistics such as bounce rates and time spent on the site are great ways to show how effective the site is, or isn't.

Point out positives of the current site

It's often hard for people to make changes, especially when they have grown very used to something. One of your boss's fears could be that he or she won't be able to adapt to the new site, or that the new design will be less successful. Point out what is working on the current site and suggest that those things can stay on the new site.

Take a survey

Ask people to survey your site. Make sure it's anonymous so that people will feel comfortable being honest with their feedback. Use a site like to create and send out the questionnaire. Send to subscribers of your newsletter, employees, and people who follow you on social media. You may even want to put a call to action on the site asking visitors to fill out the quick survey.

Bring up mobile

If you feel your site needs a redesign, it also may not be currently adaptive for mobile devices. Mobile-responsive designs will only become more necessary as we move into the future. It is predicted that by 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop. Check out this post for more information on mobile design. 

don't be pushy

While you want to take time to gather information and "selling" points for your meeting, you don't want to come off as pushy. Let your boss know that you are serious about the endeavor and have taken time to research, but having an attitude that comes off too aggressive could offend him or her. Give your boss time for suggestions and questions. If you sense your boss is being resistant, ask him or her why so you can address those concerns. Remember, you are both on the same side and working toward bettering the company; make sure your boss knows that this is your ultimate goal. 

Do you have any other recommendations or stories regarding a site redesign? Let us know in the comments below!


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