Time for a TuneUp

Time for a TuneUp

I will admit, my iTunes,library is a little chaotic. You know, like artist track names, info, and cover art all appear as unknown. If your collection is anything mine, I suggest you zip on over to TuneUp Media. It will fix all of your music chaos “automagically.” medium_tune_up_logo_comp.jpg Yes, there is a fee…($20 for a year; $30 for life.) A small price to pay for an endless amount of time it will take you to plug in all of that information yourself. Here’s a current list of features:
  • Clean is a two-step process. First, you drag-and-drop one or more songs from iTunes to TuneUp. Then, you verify the results and click Save. TuneUp identifies tracks by taking an audio fingerprint of each one and sending them to an online reference database.
  • Analyze is a sub-feature of Clean which tells you how many songs in your collection need cleaning. It looks at seven key information (metadata) items to determine whether they are dirty.
  • Cover Art scans through your collection, identifies songs that are missing art and then searches various web sources for artwork which you can save back to iTunes.
  • Undo reverts songs you've cleaned with TuneUp back to their original metadata. If you've accidentally saved incorrect metadata, Undo can bring these songs back to their original state.
  • Now Playing automatically presents you with the best the World Wide Web has to offer about the song you are currently playing: YouTube videos, recommendations, news, and merchandise.
Last but not least:
  • Concerts automatically displays concerts in your area for all the artists in your location
Stay tuned, more features to come.

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