Using Twitter to Attract, Convert, and Transform

Using Twitter to attract convert transform

Using Twitter to Attract, Convert, and Transform

If you are a social media beginner to a social media specialist, a must read book is The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shauna Hyder Kabani. In the book, it goes into detail about the "ACT Methodology" for social media marketing.

Quick Review about What is the "act Methodology"

A - Attract ⇒ Getting Attention/Standing Out

C - Convert ⇒ Stranger turned into a customer

T - Transform ⇒ You transform your past and present success into attraction. 

Source: The Zen of Social Media Marketing

Now that I have brought you up to speed about the "ACT Methodology", let's apply it to Twitter.

Twitter is what I like to call a triple threat. Why? Because the "ACT Methodology" can apply to just one tweet you send out. If you provide an appropriate hashtag and a shorten URL in just 140-characters, you will be able to attract people to your website.

The next step, would be convert, in which you turn the strangers into customers. These new customers will potentially browse your website and click on C-T-A's (Call-To-Actions).

Lastly, you can transform you past and present success stories, about your business, by tweeting them out leading us back to attracting new follower. It is all a cycle.

Twitter graphic convert attract and transform

Yes, Twitter can be a one-way communication medium, but if it is used strategically, a Digital Marketing Specialist will be able to attract, convert, and transform followers.

How do you utilize Twitter? Do you get attention or leads? Let's hear it in the comments below.

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