10 Totally Vine-Worthy Moments for Your Business

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10 Totally Vine-Worthy Moments for Your Business

I recently read an op-ed article by Seth Fiegerman on Mashable in which he described what he sees as Vine's greatest roadblock to becoming vastly popular. Fiegerman explains that Vine has strength when it comes to community and ease of use, but the app has yet to solve the content issue. In the article he writes, "Any social app lives or dies by the frequency and quality of the content that users share to it." 

He states a common problem with video sharing sites is that the bar is set higher for content as compared to a written update. The issue is not only whether or not there is good content on Vine, but that some users feel their content isn't "video-worthy" enough to even create. 

While I don't have much experience using the Vine app since it's not available for Android, despite my ranting, I hate to see a good idea like Vine should dry up (yay, puns!) simply because people are overthinking themselves. So I've compiled this list of 10 Totally Vine-Worthy Moments for Your Business to get you started on ideas for content: 

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1. when a client comes to visit

This is a great opportunity to show your followers, and potential clients, your positive working relationships. The shot could be as simple as the client and boss shaking hands and waving at the camera. 

2. office birthdays 

What better way to celebrate a co-worker's special day than to document it through video? Film them blowing out their candles, or putting on that ridiculous party hat. This will show how your employees are valued, and that you enjoy a good party! 

3. office pranks

Around Levelten, office pranks and birthdays go hand in hand (example: David's office last year). Maybe your pranks occur more frequently than ours, and if they do, you should definitely record them! 

4. a conference

Is your business hosting or attending a conference or special event? Capture some video of the venue, the crowd, or the speakers!

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5. Project in progress

Show your employees working on something. Maybe they are in a brainstorming meeting, or setting up a display, whatever it is, get your followers excited for the finished product. 

6. speedy description

Candidly ask a coworker to describe a buzzword related to your field as fast as they can while you record them. Remember, a Vine post is only 6 seconds, so this could be fun and challenging. 

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7. Friendly competition

Stage a friendly competition among coworkers, like a thumb wrestling match, or a paper airplane contest. Make sure it's something quick and has an obvious winner. Capture the outcome on video. 

8. A good deed 

Whether it's something you've done for someone else or something that's been done for you, people like seeing good deeds in action. Maybe someone sent a cookie bouquet to your office; get some footage of the team enjoying the treat.

9. a finished project

Record someone interacting with that new app you built, or the smiles from guests at your website launch party. 

10. A quick tour

A sneak peak inside your office is always something fun to post for your followers. Maybe you've got the place all decorated for an upcoming holiday; feel free to show off your handiwork. 


As with most online content creation, you can't overthink it, you just have to do it and put it out there. So don't be afraid to start taking video of interesting things around your business and posting it to Vine. It doesn't have to go viral or be the most amazing thing ever, but give your followers the opportunity to get to know you through this medium. The great part is that the video doesn't even have to be long. Think of the time limit on Vine footage as a good thing, and find fun little ways to use it to your advantage. 

What are some good examples you've seen of business videos on Vine? 

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