Tips for a Relaxing Weekend

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Tips for a Relaxing Weekend

Ah, it's finally the weekend! The 48 glorious hours that Americans pine for all week long. Instead of trying to catch up on work or chores around the house, why not just chill out? Don't know how to chill out? Take a page from these people's books: 


"Rearrange your "to-do" list: 

credit: Favim


Hang out with some friends: 

Credit: Spanish Phrases


There's no rush to get anywhere: 

Credit: Lolz Entertainment


take a Cruise around the neighborhood: 

Credit: Sneaker Talk


you could spy on your Roommate: 

Credit: Sneaker Talk


Become one with nature: 

 Credit: Funny Gusta


Get a foot massage: 

Credit: Funny Pictures


Practice your levitation skills by the pool: 

Credit: The Meta Picture


If you don't have a pool, improvise! 

Source: Ebaumsworld


Remember, it's ok to just hang out

Credit: Jokeroo


but whatever you do...just remember to stay cool!

Credit: funny-pics


What are your plans for the weekend? Let us know in the comments below! 


Featured Image Credit: Lauren Liston

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